So yesterday there was a hurricane watch! This was a little scary at first because I have never been on an island during hurricane season. Hurricane Earl was headed toward Puerto Rico but luckily turned north and missed the island. We still got a ton of wind and a TON of rain. The streets by our house were all flooded to my knees. I took Tyler to school so I could go to the store and get things in case our power went out from the storm.
To start off you need to know one thing about Puerto Rico, the island is 50x100 miles and there are 4million people on the island, that's right I said 4 million. The majority of which are in San Juan. Everything is crowded, always and there is traffic no matter what time of day it is. (Except Sunday mornings. Back to my point, so I am at the store, it is 7 in the morning and the line for the check out is 1/2 hour long. AHHH! Then, Tyler calls me to come get him so I head off to get him and hit a little A LOT of joke I think every car in puerto rico was on the road and they were all heading the same dirrection. I was moving no where! I think my blood started to boil a little bit. The ironic thing about it was just before I had left I finished reading Elder Uchdorf's talk in the conference ensign on patience. It took my two hours, TWO HOURS to pick him up. Normally it is 15 min to get the the school and that is with the typical traffic. I think I could have walked home faster than that!
The up-side to the storm was the waves. We just got back from the beach and it was incredible. The waves were comin up all the way to the hotel. They were huge, Tyler went out surfing for a little while, I tried for a little bit but I couldn't even get past the waves they were so big. They were tossing me around real bad. I still had a blast though. There were so many surfers out there it was way cool to see. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures because we were both in the water. We need a photographer:) Anyone who wants to come visit is more than welcome. It is a blast!

Puerto Rico

So far these are the only pictures we have taken in Puerto Rico. Don't worry there will be more to come. This was the first week I was here. Tyler had a lot of time off so we were able to spend it together before he oficially started seeing patients. I love where we live. Tyler could not have picked a better apartment. We are so close to the beach so we like to go there a lot. It is definitely going to be a different experience living out here but it will be fun.

New York

For orientation Tyler had to go to New York for two weeks. I was able to go out over the 4th of July weekend. I have never been to New York before so I had a blast. It is like it's own country. There are millions of people and the far my favorite. It goes every where! This was on our way home one night this guy was playin down there (it was so hot) and he was wearing these leather pants. He was actually pretty good so we were all jammin together:)

We got to see Wicked while we were in New York. I missed it in Omaha and I really wanted to see it and i'm glad we did. It was great. This was by far one of my favorite scenes.

This is central park, or at least part of it. The park is huge, you could spend a whole week just in the park. I really liked this skyline view of all the buildings.

We went to times square a few times and we saw some pretty crazy people/things. this was by far the most interesting but creepy thing I have ever seen. There is a face on the other side of the head so either way you look at it you feel like you are looking at it from the front. CRAZY! I was so afraid it was gong to swing one of its arms around and swatt me by accident.

Tyler went to a mets game with one of the other residents



The whole three years we were in Omaha I had wanted to go to Nauvoo. Luckily just before graduation we were able to make a quick trip out there. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the early saints and everything they had to go through. Definately huge spiritual uplifter.
This statue is Joseph and Hyrum Smith looking at the Nauvoo temple. Just before heading to carthage on what was their final ride the statue depicts the beginning of that fateful journey

The Nauvoo Temple is now one of my favorite, it has a very comforting feeling and I feel like I am at home there.
The great mississippi river. It is HUGE!

This is the gravestone of Joseph and Emma Smith