Over spring break Tyler and I got the opportunity to go Washington DC. I have never been there before so it was quite a treat.

Day 1:
We stayed down town right next to the convention center and to our surprise there was a 5 guys on the next block so of course that is the first place we went. Day one was pretty relaxing since we flew in that day so we just hung around. We went to Smithsonian American Art Museum which was huge and we really enjoyed some of the artwork. One thing I thought was pretty amazing was in one of the rooms they had old writings, and lists from people like picasso and other various old artists. I couldn't imagine writing a list (which I do all the time) and having it in a museum 100 yrs later.

Day 2:
Started out with breakfast of course and then off to see the sights. We headed to the Holocaust museum and arrived there without getting lost. It wasn't until we were passing it however that we realized we were getting on the freeway. And so began the fued over GPS. We ended up driving all over Washington to finally get back to the museum. The museum had a lot of sad stories but I definately learned more than I evern knew about the Holocaust. We even got a tour by a Holocaust Survivor. She was the sweetest little old lady and I felt so sad when she was telling us a little bit about what it was like. She said her husband is the only one in his family that survived. If you have not seen "The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas" it is a must see. After seeing it and visiting the musuem it was pretty heart wrenching.

The other 4 days we were able to see the capital, the monument, the lincoln memorial, some of the other Smithsonian's (museum of natural history, air & space museum). One of my favorites was the Arlington Cemetary. It was a very touching experience to see all these men and women who died fighting for our freedom. In fact, seeing all the sights in Washington really allowed me to get a greater idea of the sacrifice our ancestors made in order for us to live the way we do today.

The very last day we were able to make it out to see the Temple

It is gorgeous!

Our Nations Capital

Washington Monument
We are facing the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument in the back. Unfortunately the reflection pond was not filled yet.
Lincoln Memorial

In the capital there are two statues from every state. The state is responsible for which statues they donate. The two from Utah are:

Philo T. Farnsworth

(father of television)

Brigham Young

Changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetary in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier.