IronMan 70.3 San Juan

Here I come:)

March 18, 2012

Almost a year ago Tyler and I watched this guy cross the finish line in first place for the IRONMAN 70.3 San Juan. I decided if I could get the swimming down I'd attempt to do this very same race. Even if I come in last. My neighbor Sarah had competed in a couple 1/2 ironman races and she also did this one. I think she got the fire going under me.

I have been practincing my swimming for over a year now. While I am not fast, I have gotten over my fear for the most part. I started out by learning in a pool. Started learning proper technique, learning how to breath and some tips on being more bouyant (without adding fat to my thighs).

Then it was time to swim in the open water. For a while there I couldn't even tread in the open water without being super paranoid about sharks or any other ocean creature that may be in the water. (the lagoon behind our house where the swim takes place there are at least 3 manatees that live there, even though they are harmless I don't know what i'll do if I encounter one). I stopped watching shark week and all those other discovery channel shows and I found what i call my "swimming circle". I have come a long way from freaking out just by putting my head in the water to now swimming over a mile in open water.

1.2 mile swim. Here is the swim exit! ^^

The next thing I needed to work on is my biking. First of all I needed a bike. Once I got my bike I could be more commited. After hours of online searching and visiting the local bike shops numerous times I couldn't seem to find anything in my price range. Tyler finally told me just to splurge. After ordering the color of bike I wanted they said it would prob take a week. Within that week I found her:) Perfect bike for a newbie. She was used but in great condition and at a perfect price. (Luckily we hadn't already paid for the other bike I was going to get.)

With my history as a spin instructor I had no idea where to begin on the real roads as far as long distance rides and training. So I just decided to put some miles on the lil ol lady and now I can't ride indoors anymore without going crazy. It is so rewarding to get home after a very long bike ride I feel so free on the road:). The only downfall here is the roads, they are terrible in a car so you could only imagine how they feel on your behind on the bike:()

56 mile Bike ride. This is the transition area. ^^

Lastly we have the run. I have ran a little bit in my life and I don't think it takes an expert to be able to run. I figure if anything I can crawl across the finish line!

13.1 mile run.

Part of the run goes along the trail of El Morro. Beautiful isn't it?