I was bit by the Tri bug

So i got bit by the tri bug last november when I did my first Triathlon (just a sprint, nothing too crazy). After witnessing my neighbor in the ironman 70.3 in the lagoon behind our house the fever came on stronger. I wanted to get into triathlons more seriously so I decided it was time to invest in a bike. While it is very entry level...here is my new baby!! Still no name for her yet but if anyone has some suggestions send them my way! After finally getting my pedals, shoes and cleats I have put a couple hundred miles on this bad boy and can't wait til I hit 1,000.
Goal: Ironman 70.3 March 18, 2012


I don't know if you have heard of this new phenomenon but Tyler introduced it to me.
According to Wikipedia here is the definition:

Planking or the lying down game is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the internet is an integral part of the game.[1] Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play.[1] The term planking refers to mimicking a wooden plank.

We decided to give it a try. Leave your comment here and tell us who you think has the better plank.

We found this guy zonked out on the beach so we thought it would be funny to see how close Tyler could get to him and plank. While he did get sand all over his face I think I have the more difficult plank.

Tell us what you think!

Kidney Stone

For those of you who have never had a kidney stone...I don't recommend it. For those of you who have...I am so sorry. This is the worst pain I have ever felt (other than when my appendix burst back in 3rd grade). A couple weeks ago I woke up with the most excruciating pain in my side. I honestly thought something else had burst inside me. After a long morning of pain we finally decided to go to the hospital. We had no clue what was gong on. While sitting in the waiting room for what felt like 2 hours but was really only 5 minutes I barfed all over. I guess that is what it took for them to finally get me to a bed. After hours of this excruciating pain and Tyler bugging the doctor every 20 seconds for an hour, I finally got some pain medicine. The medicine helped a lot but I was freezing cold. So again Tyler had to keep hounding the Nurse for sheet, after sheet after sheet. I am bundled up in 5 sheets. So after various tests and a lot of needle pokes they figured out I had passed a kidney stone. Once we found out I just wanted to get out of that hospital. When I left everyone was clapping...I guess I was famous. Each time I left the room for another test the people behind the other curtains, would give me the biggest look like they felt so bad for me. I was too out of it to notice so when they were all clapping as I left I had to ask Tyler what it was all about.

We saved a baby bird

So after our drought of seeing a movie in Puerto Rico we decided to finally go to a matinee on a thursday! On our way out to the car Tyler spotted a little tiny bird in the middle of the road. He was so tiny and new that he could not even move very fast. He was a scared little guy too and I knew if we left him there he would be squished by a car. We say a nearby tree so we decided it would be a good place to put our new little friend. Before letting him go we had to take a few pics.

Happy 4 years!

So we have been married four years now and we thought we'd celebrate. Since our anniversary date was on a tuesday we thought we would start with dinner and then explore on the weekend. We went to an amazing BBQ restaurant on top of one of the hotels. Even though you can't tell in this picture it was a beautiful view of the ocean. The food was great and we would definitely go back there.
Good food but sure a mess. That usually happens when you order ribs.

Over the weekend we decided to explore the west side of the island. We drove out to Rincon (the surf capital of puerto rico) and stayed the night. Here is the beach our of the hotel we stayed at.

The next day we headed down south to a little place called Cabo Rojo. After exploring for a couple hours we decided to get our of the car:)
Then guess what we did??? You guessed it! We fished:) Tyler mostly fished out on the flats where he could walk out pretty far. After an hour of fishing I became the videographer chasing the fish around with the camera.
I love the silhouette. The video is even cooler.
While trying to catch a bonefish we had no success but at least he caught something:) Look how cute the little fish is.


So I know it might get boring on here with all this fishing but I got really excited about this one. so far I am 2 for 2 on the fishing but I don't think my luck will last forever. We went out over the weekend to the Lagoon again and I caught AN EVEN BIGGER FISH THAT BEFORE. It was so big I couldn't hold it I had to rest it on my lap....He got slime all over me...yuk!~