So the boys got to play intermural football this season and with a team full of amazing athletes they managed to pull off the championship for Creighton. After that we all got to go down to Lincoln and the boys played in the regional intermural football tournament. It was pretty fun, we got to go to lunch and have Panda Express since it is not in Omaha. Believe it or not...unlike Omaha, it's actually warm when it is sunny in Lincoln so it made it very enjoyable.

Tyler fell on his knee pretty
hard so they rushed
over the first aid team
to his rescue and iced it
all better.

So I think Keri is Wonder Woman:) After seeing the movie Twilight at the 12am showing (it was amazing by the way), we were on our way home when all of a sudden we hear a thud...thud...thud... we pull off at Bucky's and get out, sure enough, the tire is flat, not only is it flat but it is smoking and we can smell the burned rubber. So anyway, it's 2:30 in the morning and we are four girls in the freezing cold... lo and behold Wonder Woman aka...Keri...pulls out the tire tools and changes the tire in under 15 minutes, no joke!! Wow Keri, really? teach me how to do that. Who needs a man around when you have Wonder Woman. GO KERI!! luv you girl