So the boys got to play intermural football this season and with a team full of amazing athletes they managed to pull off the championship for Creighton. After that we all got to go down to Lincoln and the boys played in the regional intermural football tournament. It was pretty fun, we got to go to lunch and have Panda Express since it is not in Omaha. Believe it or not...unlike Omaha, it's actually warm when it is sunny in Lincoln so it made it very enjoyable.

Tyler fell on his knee pretty
hard so they rushed
over the first aid team
to his rescue and iced it
all better.

So I think Keri is Wonder Woman:) After seeing the movie Twilight at the 12am showing (it was amazing by the way), we were on our way home when all of a sudden we hear a thud...thud...thud... we pull off at Bucky's and get out, sure enough, the tire is flat, not only is it flat but it is smoking and we can smell the burned rubber. So anyway, it's 2:30 in the morning and we are four girls in the freezing cold... lo and behold Wonder Woman aka...Keri...pulls out the tire tools and changes the tire in under 15 minutes, no joke!! Wow Keri, really? teach me how to do that. Who needs a man around when you have Wonder Woman. GO KERI!! luv you girl

Hey there it's me again. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am working right now while Tyler is at home eating cereal and watching TV. BYU...UTAH game was last saturday and a bunch of us went over to the buffalo wild wings to watch since none of us get the game on our tv's. It was a great game I would have to say considering Utah won by a blow-out. Up until this game I was under the impression that Tyler would stick by Utah, #1 because I am his wife & #2 because he went there for a year. NO!!!!!!!!!!! He decides he's going to cheer for BYU the WHOLE GAME just because they were behind. REALLY? I wanted to just scream. It didn't help that he had a little BYU fan sitting next to him who happens to be out neighbor. (Don't get me wrong, I luv our neighbors).

So today I decided it was time to update a little on my blog. No pictures yet because i'm lame. We are still out in omaha as most of you know and I am going to school at UNO, it is taking forever to get my degree. I promise you I will get it. Tyler is still at Creighton and we have another year and 1/2 til he's done here. Anyway, I am also working two jobs so i feel bad because I have been neglecting Tyler a little. He understands though, luckily. I am working part time for a financial planner and going to school the other days. Then at nights I teach fitness classes so I hardly have time for anything else. I try my best though. When I do have time, I love to cook and organize our house. Many of you asked what I was doing all week while Tyler went hunting. Well I locked myself in our back room and worked on it. It was pretty gross back there so I did a little carpeting and painting. Now it looks as good as new. I didn't take any before pictures and i'm hitting myself for that but as soon as I get the pics of the new room I will get them up. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!! NOVEMBER 4TH.

Elk Hunt

So Tyler has been gone for 3 days and I have missed him greatly. fortunately for him he is out hunting in Utah and this is what he got me:) It looks pretty good babe! He will be home sunday evening so I have to go a few more days without him.

Utah summer trip

As many of you know the boss' returned home to Utah for their break this summer. Yes boards are finally over and thank goodness for that! Good Job Tyler. We did some fun things while we were home, skydiving, tubing, four wheeling, boating, golfing etc. oh and tyler played golf on the Wii. (He's a pro! lol)

Tyler and his best friend Tommy after tubing
Tyler's double take (we don't know what the heck he was doing)

Tiff Wake boarding (man was I sore)

Many of you have asked us to stunt for you so here you go. I drug tyler to the gym with me to throw me up a few times, he was nervous a little bit but he's still got it i guess. It's always fun to see what you can still do:)

Happy Anniversary! One year ago we were married! YAY! I surprised Tyler with a sky diving adventure. I know we look real goofy please don't laugh but it was really a lot of fun.

So I am out in Utah and it is a blast:) Always fun to get away. Tyler I taking his boards on thursday, so I guess that's tomorrow and then he will be out here with me. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up on saturday and I am extremely excited:) All downhill from here right?



Scary Stuff

This is a picture of the tornado that ripped through the boy scout camp. I don' t know about anyone else but i have NEVER seen anything like this. I can't believe this actually happened just 40 miles from our house. Pray for the families of those four boys who lost their lives and also for those who were injured.

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