Luquillo Crab

Two thursdays ago Tyler had the day off so we decided to go out to the other side of the island. We went out to Luquillo beach which is about an hour away (near Fajardo). We took the scenic route so it might have taken a little longer. It was such a beautiful drive and when we got there, the beach was empty. We swam out a little and did some exploring around in the water, it was really a blast. As we were leaving we found this little crab to play with. Although he was missing a leg he was still a fighter. He kept his eyes on us no matter what direction we would turn...he was always one step ahead in his defensive position never letting the front of his body face away from us. Well...Tyler just had to pick him up...some sort of conquest i guess so we took our flippers and blocked his vision on one side as I faced him. That way he wouldn't know what was coming up from behind him. It was so funny to see this little crab put up a fight. Anyway... here he is.