The Way it is

Not even joking, we were leaving out friends house the other day and we saw this. A truck load of tree branches with about 7 men piled in and on top of it!

Nail School

So I don't think I mentioned this but when I was in Utah for the summer I decided to go to nail school. It is something I have been wanting to do for a while now but just never got around to doing it. I really love working with my hands and I love being able to make people look and feel good. Nail school was a lot of fun but i'm glad it is over. I was glad to finally be able to get to Puerto Rico and be with Tyler. I feel like we are starting the next chapter in our lives. He definately picked out an amazing apartment and the greatest location. We are so close to the beach and it is a very nice area. I was able to find a job just two streets down from our house in a salon. So when I work, Tyler can take the car to school and I walk to work. So now I am currently a Tecnica de una, as you would say it in Spanish, which is Nail Technician. I started a blog so I would be able to post some pics for people to see my work.

Horseshoe Beach

We went to a baptism at this beach a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful, it was just this little horseshoe inlet that was very private. What a great experience to be able to be baptized at the beach. Probably the only time Tyler will get to wear flip flops to a baptism.