Liberty Jail

So, I wish we had pictures of a little one to plaster all over our page but we don't so you'll just have to look at our ugly mugs until a little one comes along:) Tyler won't let me get a dog either so my luck stops there I guess. This past weekend over easter we were finally able to make a trip out to Kansas City. It is beautiful out there. There is tons to do too. We went out to some of the church sites, Liberty Jail, and the Independence visitors center. I would say it was definately eye awakening to see the small jail that Joseph Smith was held in for 127 days for no reason. I can't believe how small it was.

Then we got to do some shopping, and ate at some good restaurants. My Birthday was saturday so I got the pleasure of chosing the lunch place we ate at. It was called STIX & I would say it was one very amazing restaurant. Anyway, the guys went to the Yankee's game and the girls got to hang out. Oh don't you worry though, the freeway's in Kansas City are horrible, Becca had to do a couple of U-turns on our way to pick up the guys. All in All I would say it was a great trip.