Tyler and some of his buddies came back for a second year as the Dean Team (intramurals-football) Tonight they just won their last game making them the "All U" champs for the second year in a row. It has been really fun to see them at all their games. They will be playing the champ intramural team from UNO Tomorrow night to try and win back the plaque for creighton. From what I understand, it has been at UNO for a while now. The Team consisted of 9 guys and here they are!

Top Left: Adam Peterson, Brady Powell, Tyler Boss, Kyle Smith
Bottom Left: Jason Clark, Mark Rose, Devin Matsumori, Chad McClellan
Not Pictured: Joel Taylor

Halloween 2009
I have been trying to get Tyler to do this costume for 2 years now and finally he did!
I think he pulled it off pretty good.

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to go to Kansas City and Run in the Marathon. This was my first and Hopefully not my last seeing as I did enjoy myself. It was pretty amazing seeing everyone at the finish line and better yet, Tyler ran out as I was coming up the last hill and gave me just what I needed to sprint to the finish.

Here I am finally crossing the finish after what was the LONGEST run in my life!

When I signed up for the marathon, Tyler decided he wanted to do the relay marathon, so he and 4 other people ran the 26.2 miles passing the "baton" along the way. He did the second leg which was 6 miles. I am so proud of him! Good Job babe!

Can you believe it's that time already. We have put our town house up for sale because it's time to get ready to move on to new things. We do not know yet where but we know we'll be somewhere other than the glorious village green:) This is the view of outside of our place and it is gorgeous. If you are interested and want to take a look inside, chek out the pics at
for more info call or e-mail Tyler @

Trip to Utah

We were able to make it to Utah during the break! YaY while there we hung out with fam and friends. Went to lake powell (pics are with my sis, they are on their way). Oh yeah and I ran the Provo 1/2 marathon. It was very exciting other than the fact I was being passed by old women!! I managed to beat my goal so I was happy but as far as i'm concerned with the seniors...Better luck next time:) There were so many people at the finish line I loved it. It felt like I was winning the gold medal, even though 99.9999999% of them were not there for me. Even with all the people we managed to get a few pics...Hopefully my photagrapher will do a little better next time;)

Next Show

For anyone who is interested in babyfrillz I am doing my next show on Sat June 13th (that's this sat). It is the Benson Arts Festival located on maple between 61st-63rd. They normally block off the whole street for 3 blocks and they have a bunch of different vendors. There is also, a car show, food, and kids activities like face painting etc. There is a farmers market as well as other various artists. I think it is going to be a lot of fun so come out have yourself a good day and support your local artists. It starts @ 8:30 in the AM and goes all day. Vendors will be there til at least 4 and the festival goes until 11PM.

Liberty Jail

So, I wish we had pictures of a little one to plaster all over our page but we don't so you'll just have to look at our ugly mugs until a little one comes along:) Tyler won't let me get a dog either so my luck stops there I guess. This past weekend over easter we were finally able to make a trip out to Kansas City. It is beautiful out there. There is tons to do too. We went out to some of the church sites, Liberty Jail, and the Independence visitors center. I would say it was definately eye awakening to see the small jail that Joseph Smith was held in for 127 days for no reason. I can't believe how small it was.

Then we got to do some shopping, and ate at some good restaurants. My Birthday was saturday so I got the pleasure of chosing the lunch place we ate at. It was called STIX & I would say it was one very amazing restaurant. Anyway, the guys went to the Yankee's game and the girls got to hang out. Oh don't you worry though, the freeway's in Kansas City are horrible, Becca had to do a couple of U-turns on our way to pick up the guys. All in All I would say it was a great trip.

Baby Frillz

Hey guys I have started a baby line called Baby Frillz. You should check out what I have. I am doing a show May second at Rockbrook Village on 114th and west center. There will be a ton of other crafters and artists. Its outside and it is FREE so you can't pass this up come walk around and see everything. DON'T MISS IT.