It's Official! We are going to ....................!!!!
Tyler was accepted into an Endodontic Residency in San Juan Puerto Rico and we couldn't be more excited. We will be there for two years and maybe now we will get some visitors ;) I don't understand why no one wants to come to Omaha Nebraska lol. Any way, he starts July 1st so we'll head out there some time in June to get settled. We do plan on visiting Utah for a few weeks before we head out there though so fam and friends, you better watch out. We have had a blast out here and are definately ready to move on to new things. Yes we still have another month here before graduation but I have already started packing up our house. No decorations gets a little depressing but I guess for a month it's not so bad. After finishing boards this weekend Tyler is officially all done with tests. Now lets just hope he passed the biggest test of his life! We won't find out for another 3-4 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. Until next time!