Tiff's First Tarpon

I have never been much of a fisher woman but I do go out a lot with Tyler while he fishes. Last weekend he bought me a pole and today...I CAUGHT MY 1ST TARPON. Couldn't believe it but I felt him on the line and BAM, he didn't know what hooked him. He was a good size for me. Any bigger and I don't think I could have held on to the rod. He was a little fighter. First time I have ever held one of these bad boys and boy was he slimy. YUK!!

Costco Cake

Has anyone seen this? Every time we go to Costco Tyler has to go to the dessert section and stare at this cake for @ least 5 min. It is a ginormous chocolate cake with curled chocolate shavings all around it. We would definitely eat the entire thing if we got it so he has been waiting for almost a year because I told him we can't get it until his birthday!