Tyler's Birthday

Endo Party
So the weekend of Tyler's birthday we went to a get together at his one of the attending's house. The house was amazing. This was the front entrance of their house. It was incredible, a mini waterfall and a pond in the middle of their front entrance. This picture does not even do it justice.
The party was complete with a bar tender and all. When you walk on to the back patio you are under a concrete gazebo that is just an extension of the house but without walls so it is this amazing open (covered) area to chill on. It was complete with an outside bar, a bathroom, and a pool with another waterfall spilling into the pool. These Puerto Ricans are very exciting people. So we showed up at 8:00 and there were a ton of appetizers so started eating (thinking that that is what was on the menu for the night). We hung out and talked with everyone for quite a while. As the night went on, we decided we would start to wrap it up and get ready to leave...oh no...so by now it is 11PM and little did we know they had just started to BBQ and pull out the main course dishes of Steak, rice, salad, dessert etc. The food just got better as the night went on...MMM...So all day we had been hearing we were gonna play cranium and this is Tyler's absolute favorite game. When 12 rolled around we figured the party decided to forgoe cranium....oh no...12 is when we decide to start cranium and of corse we stay because its tyler's favorite game and we love the company. Cranium was so fun. Everyone was loud and into it. I don't think I have ever had more fun playing cranium in my life. The best part about it was that I was the only one that didn't speak spanish so I had no clue half the time what was going on. All the women were saying everything in spanish so they could feed off each other and come up with an answer. I was just shouting out whatever I could think of. Luckily for me, the final answer had to be in english.

On Tyler's Birthday we went to a baseball game!
I think overall it was a great weekend

Tyler's Deer

We got to go home in October so Tyler could go deer hunting. I am not going to lie, it was quite an enjoyable week. The weather was beautiful, the leaves were changing. We got to sleep in a king size bed and walk around on carpet. These, among many other things that I took for granted, are all luxuries that we do not have in Puerto Rico. I don't have many pics from our week but I here are two of the deer that Tyler got.

El Churry

When you come to Puerto Rico, there are a few local places you HAVE to eat at... EL CHURRY, it is actually not a restaurante, it is a truck that is parked on the side of the road. (believe it or not is was on the food network as one of the top places to eat in puerto rico) Anyway, you order from this window and $6 later you get a Mixto sandwich on the best bread in the world with Chicken, Meat, lettuce, tomatoes, chip fries, and it is all topped off in mayo-ketsu sauce, which is really just fries sauce (mayo & ketsup). You also get a coke, what a great deal. So when you get your food you just stand there on the side of the road, or in the parking lot across the street and you eat your churry. mmmmm....mmm...mmm I must say. If you don't have a reason to come visit, you do now:)

Me & Ty

Our Group

Patrick (Sr. Endo resident)