We came home to Utah over the break and got to go to Cabo San Lucas with my family. We had a big group of 18... here is everyone minus Tyler and I, plus some other randoms in there on the sides.
Tyler had to wait in the sun because he was too cold!
It's definitely a lot warmer in Puerto Rico and we weren't used to it.
He doesn't pack light either:)
My Brother Burried his son in the sand
When he tried getting out his shorts wouldn't come with:)
We just came back off a fishing ponga and it was a pretty cold morning
Tyler pretty much woke up, went fishing, came home for lunch, took a nap, and then went fishing again til dark. The fishing was not pretty terrible all week but we still had a good time.Some pictures of his casting.

He has gotten so amazing at it since we first got his rod.
My favorite pics are the silhouette ones
Needle Fish. This was all that was out there.
I didn't come home empty handed either.
Me, my sis in law and my nephew getting ready to go parasailing.
We wished they would have landed us on that
cruise ship and came back for us a week later.

My bro and his son getting ready to go up!! I can't believe he wasn't terrified.
Tyler fishing on the beach!

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Tiffanie said...

Looks so fun Tiff! Next time you guys come home we should all do a big dinner!